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We are a young, thriving company. Our company was created by people for many years associated with industry. Observation of the medical market in Poland, led us to create a company that will fully satisfy the needs of our customers, providing personalized attention to each of them. Always optimize an offer to the requirements of our client. We can assure you that every contact with your hand will be scrupulously analyzed in terms of demand and the offer presented by us will contain all the necessary details and will be priced.
We cooperate with our suppliers from the area of European Union countries (Germany, UK, France, Holland) and the U.S. which gives us the always high quality of the supplied equipment.

Any repairs we sell medical devices, and instruments delivered after the expiry of the guarantee (as well as our after sales, or after manufacturer sales) take place in our service and are not sent anywhere. This ensures that optimize repair time to a minimum.

We operate primarily throughout the Poland.

We invite for cooperation companies,
institutions and individual clients.