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The main field of business "ENDOTECH" is a service and sale of devices for endoscopic surgery, especially in the secondary market. Most of our equipment is directly imported from European Union countries and the USA.
      Our qualified team of technicians can fix almost any flexible endoscope. Often the client is convinced that the cost of repairs after the warranty endoscope is very high. Sometimes that actually repair costs exceed the purchase value of the endoscope of the same class in the secondary market. But these are extreme cases. Our specialists carry out all types of repairs, the removal of minor faults through major overhauls of endoscopic equipment.
Before performing the repair, always perform a FREE valuation and the technical expertise, and begin to repair only in the case of acceptance of an estimate of repair.

Do not wait, check your endoscope!
We make running and major repairs:

- Mechanics and electronics,
- Regulation of the working tip articulation,
- Streamlining and cleaning clogged channels,
- Replacement rubber tip guards mobile
- Sealing of endoscopes,
- The exchange of O-rings,
- The exchange of working channels,
   air-water channels, etc.
- The exchange of cables,
- CCD repairs and exchange,
- The exchange of fiber bundle
- Exchange of protective lenses and glasses,
- Cleaning the optics,
- Exchange insertion
   and universal tubes,
- All types of maintenance,
- Repair of video processors
   and light sources,
- The exchange of light bulbs Xenon, Halide,
- Technical expertise,
- Entries for technical passports,

On all our repairs we offer 6 months WARRANTY.

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